The Effra Hall Tavern | Manchester Utd
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Games @ The Effra Hall 01-Sep Sat 12:30 Leicester Liverpool 01-Sep Sat 17:30 Manchester City Newcastle 02-Sep Sun 13:30 Cardiff Arsenal 02-Sep Sun 16:00 Watford Tottenham 15-Sep Sat 12:30 Tottenham Liverpool 15-Sep Sat 17:30 Watford Manchester Utd 16-Sep Sun 13:30 Wolves Burnley 16-Sep Sun 16:00 Everton West Ham 17-Sep Mon 20:00 Southampton Brighton 22-Sep Sat 12:30 Fulham Watford 22-Sep Sat 17:30 Brighton Tottenham 23-Sep Sun 13:30 West Ham Chelsea 23-Sep Sun 16:00 Arsenal Everton 29-Sep Sat 12:30 West Ham Manchester Utd 29-Sep Sat 17:30 Chelsea Liverpool 30-Sep Sun 16:00 Cardiff Burnley ...